Melp - washing liquid for sheep skin



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Proper care? Enjoy your lambskin products – for many years to come!

There’s no getting away from sweat and dirt. The impressive properties of lambskin are only at their best when clean and dry. Not only that, but riding is much more enjoyable when you take care of your tack. We’ll tell you why you should wash them regularly – with a few simple tips to keep your products working well and looking great for many years to come.

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You’re sure to enjoy our durable lambskin products. To keep them working well and looking great for many years to come, our products are not only washable, but actually benefit from regular washing: we expressly recommend regular machine washing, preferably using our special MELP detergent. Its quality ingredients are even used in the production of our lambskins.

Washing removes not only dirt, but also sebum and ammonia from your horse’s aggressive sweat from the products. Thorough drying, preferably in a tumble dryer, ensures that the fleece is fluffy and the leather remains soft.

The best way to wash and dry your lambskin products – Step by Step

Before washing:

  • Fasten any Velcro.
  • Remove POLY-FLEX® shims and SADDLE-FIX®.
  • Always wash saddle pads inside out and separately from fleece rugs.

Wash gently:

  • Wash your lambskin products in the washing machine; machine washing is more effective than washing by hand.
  • Do not overload your machine.
  • A 30 °C wash cycle is idea.
  • Choose the “extra water” option and a normal spin cycle.
  • Always use the special MELP detergent from Mattes. Please avoid using any other wool detergent, fabric softener or bleach.

Dry gently:

  • Remove the product from the washing machine immediately at the end of the cycle.
  • Lambskin items are best dried on a cold or cool (max 30 °C) setting in the tumble dryer, or alternatively outdoors in the shade. Never expose to direct heat or bright sunlight.
  • Gently reshape the product as it dries.

Washing tips for Mattes girths, boots and fly veils


Please remove the plastic inserts from items with sewn-on lambskin prior to washing; do not replace them until the product is completely dry. If your lambskin is removable, leave the inserts in the basic girth during washing. For best results, place the basic girth in the sturdy Mattes laundry bag and add the lambskin cover to the same wash load, outside the laundry bag. Use our special MELP detergent and use approximately an additional two litres of water in the washing machine.

Professional Boots

Velcro the outer shells of the boots together with the insides facing and place them in our proven laundry bag. Wash the lambskin linings in the same wash load, outside the laundry bag. Our advice: The linings should be washed more frequently than the outer shells. The outer shells will usually only need a wipe with a damp cloth.

HI-PRO Fleece Boots

Please ensure that all Velcro and zip fastenings are fully closed during washing. As when washing our Professional Boots, use the special MELP detergent to replenish the natural oils and to protect and care for the leather of the boots.

Fly Veils

Our fly veils are hand-made using top quality cotton yarn, so these products are worth looking after carefully: Wash the fly veil by hand in tepid water and gently squeeze out excess water; do not wring. Then gently reshape the fly veil and lay flat to dry.