Equipe Care Kit

Selleria Equipe Leather Care
Choice of five products including:
NEW Care Kit comprises:Soft Clean 200ml, Soft Oil 200ml, Soft Grease 75ml, Soft Care 200ml, full size real sheepskin mitt
All natural, no petroleum products which means it cleans well without being too harsh, non soap so won’t dry out your leather. Safe on calfskin, won't fade the leather like many other products do.
Equipe leather care products have been specially developed for use on naturally tanned leather including that used in their own saddles and bridles
Equipe Soft Clean is a non-soapy cleaning agent that can deeply clean all of your leather horse wear. Where this product differs though, is in its extremely delicate action which won’t fade the leather during cleaning and removes dirt and sweat from the leather without drying it out. Equipe Soft Clean not only cleans the leather but helps protect it as well. The special agents within the cleanser help keep the leather soft and protect it from the elements as well as heat, UV light and sweat, helping prolong the life of your tack. This cleanser is one of the top products on the market today and is guaranteed to keep all your leather products looking as good as new.
Equipe Soft Grease maintains and conditions all leather saddlery and tack. Soft Grease protects the leather by creating a natural barrier and waterproof effect which helps to prevent premature ageing caused by sweat, UV light and heat. Deeply moisturising, regular use conditions the leather and leaves it soft and supple, with a lustrous shine and a comfortable grip for the rider. Not suitable for suede or synthetic leathers.
Equipe Soft Oil is for application before initial use of new saddles and bridles. Thereafter, regular use (every 8 to 12 weeks) will help to maintain the suppleness of the leather.
Equipe Soft Care is a product that simultaneously cleans and deeply moisturises the leather, increasing its shine and making it water-repellent. Its regular use helps to form a natural protective barrier for the hide and leather that preserves its softness and suppleness over time.